Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell CPsychol, AFBPsS

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Dr Chloe is a leading UK based Chartered Counselling Psychologist & Mental Health at Work Consultant, working with clients from all over the world to help them evolve

Mental Health & embrace a life of Wellbeing.


She empowers her clients with her pioneering Psycho-Holistic approach, helping them grow  beyond their personal circumstances, realising their psychological

and mental health potential.

Central to her Psycho-Holistic approach is the appreciation that mind-body-soul-spirit connections on a the four Existential Dimensions (personal, social, physical and spiritual)  influence psychological and physical health.

This approach explores how unconscious perceptions & beliefs impact a client's relationship with their inner self and with their physical, social and spiritual realms and engages the client in a deep exploration of what has contributed to their deteriorating mental health symptoms, how to recover from these, how to embrace an authentic and purposeful way of being in the face of personal histories and how to grow in spirit and resilience.

We all become what we think and Psycho-Holistic therapy brings about huge personal transformation by expanding awareness, deepening purpose and helping clients

re-author their lives!  

Her approach is informed by her firm belief that Mental Health is disturbed when we lack psychological safety and can deteriorate when we have lived too long with the impossible burden of disconnection, abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, isolation, alienation and stress.  There is much research which shows us that trauma of any kind, if unprocessed, can start to leak out as Anxiety, Depression, Stress Related Disorders, Addictions and other serious Mental Health issues.

Over the last 2 decades Dr Chloe has helped thousands of people connect with their capacity to foster Mental Health and heal the pain they have internalised and swallowed in the pursuit of survival. 

"Although we can't control unpredictable life events and the actions of others, we can control how we respond, what we do to pursue meaning in our life and how we keep evolving mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. " 

Dr Chloe offers online one to one psycho-holistic integrative therapy (informed by Existential Philosophy & Humanistic Psychology). 

Dr Chloe fundamentally believes that trauma, loss and distressing life events although devastating and painful don't need to be catastrophic. With the right support, people can overcome unthinkable pain. So much is about the handling, the self care, self compassion and the sort of support that is available. Dr Chloe can help you navigate through sadness, and hopelessness and knows that there is an incredible whoosh of energy that comes from encountering suffering and finding a meaningful way to keep on going in the face of emotional and mental pain which is empowering. 

Dr Chloe is an expert in Traumatic Loss and Grief and runs regular webinars to raise awareness and help people cope with loss of any kind. If you would like to sign up to her newsletter please do so. She issues a monthly Mental Health newsletter. 

If you are a HR Director or a Wellbeing Officer please do head over to Dr Chloe's consultancy section to learn more about how Dr Chloe can support your organisation in fostering

Mental Health and Wellbeing.


About Dr Chloe 

Dr Chloe's beliefs

A core value for Dr Chloe is the belief that life is fulfilling when we can experience it as meaningful and purposeful. Even in the depths of horror, human beings have the capacity to show immense courage, dignity and love. Recovery from Mental Health conditions pivots on the capacity for reflection, openness to experience oneself as meaningful and to that connection with personal deep lived experience to mobilise and release those emotions that have been buried, compartmentalised in avoidance and that have generated illness and stress. 

Dr Chloe knows that a reflective positive mindset can be taught and when we learn how to tune in to our internal emotional worlds, beliefs and attitudes we can re-frame them to build a life that makes sense, that allows us to authentically express who we are and make decisions the move us forward and through stuckness and pain.


Dr Chloe, once you join her community, will be a big believer in your existential potential and will champion you everyday through life's challenges. Through her Free Mental Health Newsletter and her one to one or group sessions, Dr Chloe will help you embrace your Mental and Health and will be a trustworthy guide to help you move through this phase of your life. 

Dr Chloe hopes that those who sign up to receive her monthly Mental Health newsletter will be inspired and supported and motivated to keep investing in their Mental and Emotional Well-being. She hopes to be there for you to support you when life feels too much. She writes blogs, runs webinars, offers one to one sessions, shares podcasts, life worksheets, e-books and is keen to offer you the space to be understood, validated, accepted and cared for through your crisis and beyond. Dr Chloe wants to offer her years of training to help you keep on going, especially when things feel tough and you feel like you need a helping hand.

We are human and to feel distress, anxious, fearful, overwhelmed and hopeless when crisis strikes is a normal human response. Dr Chloe is here to inspire you everyday, to empower you with knowledge, professional therapeutic guidance, authenticity and care, teaching you how to tune in to your negative emotions and use them to move through life's crisis. Dr Chloe is here to remind you that although you can't control what happens to you you can control how you respond and that's your superpower.

Dr Chloe believes that when life turns us upside down and inside out, devastated in raw grief, pain and fear, we have the potential, with the appropriate guidance and support to navigate towards recovery, anchored in personal meaning, powered up by the potential and the power of the present moment to discover a self that is real, connected, accepted, lovable and cared for.


With Dr Chloe's support you will find your healing and you will discover that you matter immensely! Dr Chloe hopes to inspire and guide you to build that authentic loving relationship with yourself; to help you love yourself, to enjoy life as your gift, to be guided by your personal wisdom and to be connected with those who are part of your life.

Do sign up for Dr Chloe's free Mental Health Newsletter or head over to the Events Section and sign up for one of her Webinars.



Dr Chloe is a leading UK based Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Coach, a published author and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society with HCPC Registration as a Counselling Psychologist Practitioner. She has a life-long passion for mental health, that motivated her to obtain her first degree in Psychology, to pursue a career in Organisational Psychology - where she was trained as Trauma Debriefer (TRiM) and eventually a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. 

Dr Chloe has clients across the globe (both private and corporate) and is passionate about raising awareness and breaking the stigma associated with Mental Illness through the use of Digital Technologies and personal therapy to promote Resilience and Psychological Growth. She regularly runs workshops for Businesses in industries such as Insurance, Banking, Advertising, Corporate Real Estate to help them Embrace Mental Health at work with good working practice and empowered mindsets that promote Resilience and Mental Wellbeing.

Dr Chloe has successfully helped thousands of clients overcome Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Post Natal Depression, Eating Disorders, Self Harm, Panic, OCD, Gambling, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Traumatic Loss, Grief, Bereavement, Acute Stress, Body Image issues, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Addictions, Divorce and Separation. She has worked with clients who are living with Terminal Illness, Chronic ill health and gender dysphoria and has the tools and techniques to empower all of her clients to identify that which gives them meaning and courage.

Her pioneering approach to healing Grief has been published in the academic world and Dr Chloe teaches this approach on a number of Doctoral Counselling Psychology Courses.

In September 2016 Dr Chloe was appointed as the Clinical Lead for the Overcoming Grief app, which she is working on with Digital Mental Health experts Minds for Life nd her Clinical Approach to Grief has informed the content for Coping with Grief on the Mental Health Website QWell.

As well as running her private practice, Dr Chloe clinically supervises a number of Counselling Psychologists, is a Senior Visiting Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy on a number of Doctoral Programs in the UK and is a Primary Academic Doctoral Supervisor for a number of candidates conducting qualitative research into Loss, Grief, Trauma and Depression.   

Dr Chloe has a background in Organisational Psychology, having worked for the BBC for a number of years in Learning and Development, particularly enjoying being appointed as Senior Consultant for the BBC News division.  

Dr Chloe regularly blogs on Mental Health and Wellbeing and has a steady social media following. She is featured in a number of publications and on social media platforms.

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don't know where I'd be without Dr Chloe. She helped me understand what was contributing to my Depression and helped me make big changes in my life to stay well and positive about myself!

Grief Client

Dr Chloe is amazing. Compassionate, kind, wise and has helped cope with a devastating loss and find a way to keep going. I am deeply grateful to her for her ongoing support. 

Anxiety Help

Dr Chloe really helped me develop daily strategies to cope with my Anxiety symptoms and understand what I need to do to reduce these. She is a brilliant psychologist who helped me so much. Thank you Dr Chloe!