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Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell CPsychol, AFBPsS

Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell is an expert in Grief, Loss and Trauma recovery and the author of "The Loss Prescription: A practical roadmap to grief recovery" (March 2024).  She lectures on Doctoral Programmes at The New school of Counsellings and Psychotherapy, & at the Existential Academy and has written for the press, such as The Guardian, as well as appeared on a number of podcasts to raise awareness on Grief, and Mental Health. 

Alongside her private practice ( AKA: The Grief Clinic) in London, she clinically supervises psychologists and psychotherapists to support them in their own private practice and is an Academic Doctoral Research Supervisor for a nunber of Phd students investigating grief and trauma. She writes academically on therapeutic treatment on grief and traumatic loss and regularly works with the corporate sector to help organisations embrace mental health. She enjoys running workshops, webinars and talks on mental health and grief and appearing publicly to spread awareness on how to recover and emrbace life in the face of loss. 

She herself has suffered personal losses, and lives with chronic illness which she has learned to manage by applying her expertise and clinical knowledge to her mental, social, emotional and spiritual resources for greater awareness and wellness.  







Her approach is integrative humanistic, informed by schools of thought such as Existential Philosphy & Therapeutic practice, CBT, Gestalt and Psychodynamic and she engages with all clients in authentic reflective exploration of their lived experience, to help them, recover their mental, social, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Her practice is informed by a firm belief in Mental Health being disturbed and depleted when there is no psychological safety and the impossible burden of disconnection, abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, isolation, alienation and stress is carried for too long. 

"Although we can't control unpredictable life events and the actions of others, we can control how we respond, what we do to pursue meaning "

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don't know where I'd be without Dr Chloe. She helped me understand what was contributing to my Depression and helped me make big changes in my life to stay well and positive about myself!

Grief Client

Dr Chloe is amazing. Compassionate, kind, wise and has helped cope with a devastating loss and find a way to keep going. I am deeply grateful to her for her ongoing support. 

Anxiety Help

Dr Chloe really helped me develop daily strategies to cope with my Anxiety symptoms and understand what I need to do to reduce these. She is a brilliant psychologist who helped me so much. Thank you Dr Chloe!

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