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Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell CPsychol, AFBPsS

Dr Chloe is all about Mental Health and creating connections that foster greater empathy and understanding of how to recover from Mental Illness. As the Founder of The Grief Clinic she continually evolves her delivery of Grief Treatment approaches and bringing hope to those in pain.  

She offers each client a personal prescription based on years of practice, applying best practice and research to overcome Grief, Trauma and Mental Illness such as Depression & Anxiety. IN her approach Dr Chloe holds the space therapeutically and shares tools and strategies designed to reduce stress, promote a regulated nervous system and deepen meaningful connection to a true & authentic self. Dr Chloe anchors recovery in personal meaning, purpose and authentic happiness and healing. 

Mental Health can deteriorate for anyone, at any time, irrespective of class, gender, nationality or professional standing.










Central to her method is a "whole of me" approach which looks at how a client's mental health has deteriorated  and understanding how mindset, attitude, living conditions, social conditions, physical health and sources of emotional support contribute to a client's personal lived experience of mental ill health.  

Her approach is informed by her firm belief that Mental Health is disturbed when we lack psychological safety and can deteriorate when we carry the impossible burden of disconnection, abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, isolation, alienation and stress. 

"Although we can't control unpredictable life events and the actions of others, we can control how we respond, what we do to pursue meaning in our life and how we keep evolving mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. "

Motivational and inspirational quotes - Understand yourself, respect yourself, love yourse
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don't know where I'd be without Dr Chloe. She helped me understand what was contributing to my Depression and helped me make big changes in my life to stay well and positive about myself!

Grief Client

Dr Chloe is amazing. Compassionate, kind, wise and has helped cope with a devastating loss and find a way to keep going. I am deeply grateful to her for her ongoing support. 

Anxiety Help

Dr Chloe really helped me develop daily strategies to cope with my Anxiety symptoms and understand what I need to do to reduce these. She is a brilliant psychologist who helped me so much. Thank you Dr Chloe!

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