Dr Chloe is deeply passionate about raising awareness on Mental Health in the workplace and has built a reputation as a specialist in Grief, Loss, Trauma and Stress. She is a frequent contributor on various media channels including BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball, and is running a Grief Masterclass for The Guardian in October 2022. 


Dr Chloe's words can be found in Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Telegraph, CNN, local BBC Radio. 

Dr Chloe is a big supported of "This Can Happen" and has been both a presenter and a panelist on 2 of their annual events in London over the last couple of years.  

During the pandemic Dr Chloe was delighted to appear on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 during Mental Health awareness week in May 2021 to raise around on Mental Health and self care strategies.


On Mindfulness Monday in June 2021 Dr Chloe also joined Mark Forrest at Gala Radio to have a chat about what Mental Health is and how to safeguard it in the face of difficult and anxiety provoking life events. 

In late 2020 CNN  interviewed Dr Chloe on how to cope with WFH and protect Mental and Emotional Welbeing on their WFH special with Richard Quest and Anna Stewart (CNN).

Huffington Post have often included her advice on coping with Covid 19 Anxiety, Coping with the lack of human touch, Understanding Brexit Grief, Finding lover after a difficult break up, coping with Genetic Pain to name a few pieces. 

Dr Chloe has appeared on a number of popular podcasts - always raising awareness on Mental Health and Grief. Her podcast with Professor Green and Hussain Manawer on Grieving has had thousands of listens and her recent blog on Coping with Covid-19 Stress has had more than 8000 reads.

Dr Chloe's pioneering approach to treating Traumatic Loss has been published by PCCS books and the SEA Journal. 

In her book "Rise Surviving and Thriving through Trauma" Sian Williams shares her understanding of Dr Chloe's approach to coping with Grief.

Dr Chloe shared the stage with the star of The RIDER, a film by Oscar winning director Chloe Zhao to discuss recovery from Trauma.

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