Mental Health at Work Consultancy

Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell is a Leading Consultant in Mental Health at Work and works with a number of global organizations to build awareness, knowledge at Senior Management Level to reduce Mental Health in the workplace.  The approach she takes is both diagnostic and practical with a view to building competence that advances Mental Health in the workplace.  

Investment in the prevention of Mental Health is better than investing in curing Mental Health. Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell works collaboratively with stakeholders of Corporate Wellbeing Strategies to ensure than Mental Ill Health is prevented and Psychological Fitness is advanced through good working practices and Emotionally Intelligent Management. 

Some of the workshops Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell has delivered include:

  • Coping with Loss in the current context (Covid-19)

  • Building Resilience Capability in the pandemic for Senior Leaders


  • Self Care for Mental Fitness and Health 


  • Myth Busting for Mental Health 


  • Reducing Stress in the workplace


  • Understanding Grief and Loss in the workplace


  • Understanding Depression, Anxiety, Panic, and Self Harm (both for adults and adolescents)

  • Coping with Mental Health Conditions in the workplace (for line managers: managing tensions, expectations, putting in good practice and systems


  • Handling difficult conversations around Mental Health at work


  • Coping with suicide in the workplace


  • Resilience and stress Management


  • Positive Psychology in the workplace

Dr Chloe can help leaders and line managers develop skills of Emotional Intelligence to confidently navigate Mental Health at work complexities. Her question to all clients is - What is the issue you would like to address? From this, the conversation can start.... 

Dr Chloe also offers one to one Coaching to leaders in their field to help them safeguard their own Mental Fitness. 

If you would like to speak to Chloe about this work please reach out to her via email at for an initial introduction. 

Here are some of the corporate clients Dr Chloe has delivered workshops for recently


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